Weekend getaway in Berlin

Weekend getaway in Berlin

Considering that I live in London, I sometimes overlook the fact that so many wanderlust European cities are just a couple of flying hours away. Berlin was always on my list and it had to happen. So it did!

We took off to Berlin for 3 days in the city, and I thought it would be enough to explore, but i was so wrong! The city has so much history and culture that it seemed like I was taking an advanced class in History. I started the first day by opting to go for one of the early morning walking tours to get a feel for the city; and figure out what I would like to see in my own time.

I was so glad that I decided to go for the walking tour as our walk leader that day was a Phd student in history, thus he gave us really good tips and historical perspective on the city.

Check out the pictures I captured while lagging behind the walking tour. Thankfully, no one complained about that 😛

I will share what I did in the next few days in Berlin in the next blog post.


The Berlin Cathedral, which is also called the ‘burnt wedding cake’ by a lot of architects! That was our walk leader’s tip 🙂


Humbolt University, with a view of the book stalls outside.


Books, books, books.


The famous Humbolt University


Beautiful architecture, everywhere.


A stretch of Berlin Wall still standing in city centre.


First view of the Brandenburg Gate.


When the sun goes down.


Closeup view of the Brandenburg Tor.


Square in front of Brandenburg Gate.


A soldier has been spotted?


The famous Adlon Hotel.


The mandatory posey picture.


The funky clock and transmission tower.


The Brandenburg Gate was so beautiful, that I returned again to view in twilight.

IMG_8688 copy

Panoramic view of the famous Brandenburg Tor.