The Body Shop Vitamin E Range review

The Body Shop Vitamin E Range review

I was introduced to the Body Shop Vitamin E range by my sister who uses a few products. Keep reading to find out which products I have tried so far from the range and my feedback on them.

My thoughts on The Body Shop Vitamin E Range 

Vitamin E Day Lotion SPF30

The day moisturiser with SPF 30 is probably one of my favourite sunscreens to use on a daily basis. The day lotion has a thin fluid consistency and is white in colour.

It applies very easily and does not feel sticky on the skin. The formula reminds me of the La Roche Posay sunscreen called Anthelios XL 50 Ultra-Light Fluid SPF 50+, which I love and use when I need higher sun protection.

The Vitamin E Day Lotion SPF30 does not give any flashback or make the skin look grey. Hence, it is perfect for daily use. I would highly recommend this sunscreen if you are in the market for one.

Rating – 9/10

Price – £15 for 50ml

Vitamin E Eye Cream

If dehydration is your main concern, then The Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream is one of the best affordable products to try. The eye cream comes in a beautiful pale pink tube packaging which has a small nozzle to dispense the product. The eye cream is white in colour and is very easy to blend under the eyes using your fingers. I like to warm up the product before application.

The eye cream was reformulated last year to also include hyaluronic acid apart from vitamin E and wheat germ oil as the main ingredients.  The eye cream claims to get rid of fine lines, dark circles and hydrate the undereye area. I don’t think it does anything for my dark circles but it definitely helps to hydrate and plump the undereye area, getting rid of fine lines in the process.

The eye cream is suitable for all skin types. I finished two of the Vitamin E eye creams last year and already own a backup in my skincare drawer. That shows how much I like this eye cream. I would recommend it to people who are looking for an eye cream that hydrates and gets rid of fine lines, without breaking the bank.

Rating – 8/10

Price – £13 for 15ml

Vitamin E Body Butter

I recently bought the body butter after liking a few products from The Body Shop Vitamin E range. Similar to the colour of the pale pink packaging, the body butter itself is pink in colour and smells like shea butter. The formula of the cream is like a thick body lotion, but is not sticky and applies like a dream.

I have used other body butters from The Body Shop but had not tried the Vitamin E one before. Actually, the Body Shop body butters have always been a winter beauty essential for me as they are one of my favourite ways to moisturise the skin in winters

The Vitamin E body butter is suitable for all skin types, but I think that it would not be hydrating enough for dry skin. However, if you are looking for a body moisturiser and have normal to combination skin type, then I would recommend giving the Vitamin E body butter a try.

Rating – 9/10

Price – £15 for 200ml

Honorable Mentions

I have also used the night cream and the overnight serum-in-oil from the Vitamin E range but it was about two years ago. I do not physically own these two products anymore but I really liked them.

The overnight face oil was great for hydrating my skin and I used it before applying a moisturiser at night. The night cream is very hydrating and works well even for people with dry skin. I know this as my sister, who has dry skin, uses it and is quite happy with the results.

Shop my favourites from The Body Shop Vitamin E range

The Body Shop Vitamin E Body ButterThe Body Shop Vitamin E Eye CreamThe Body Shop Vitamin E Day Lotion SPF30

Have you tried any product from The Body Shop Vitamin E range? What are your favourite products from The Body Shop?

Let me know your feedback in the comments below.

The Body Shop Vitamin E range

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