Potsdam and Stroll in Berlin

Potsdam and Stroll in Berlin

On the last day in Berlin, my friends and I decided to go to Potsdam in the early morning to see the beautiful Sanssouci palace and the gardens, and be back for a last stroll around the city before heading to the airport.

Potsdam is a beautiful town around 30 minutes train journey away from the Berlin city centre. The Sanssouci palace was as beautiful as I had imagined and had seen in the pictures before reaching there. The gardens looked very beautiful in the sunshine and the long stroll in them was worth the resultant shoe-bite I got! Whoopsie 😛


Sanssouci Palace


Look at that stairway…Yes, I’ll take that as my house 🙂


Fountainhead in the Sanssouci Palace gardens.


Autumnal colours in the Sanssouci gardens.


The garden view. It seemed like 100 plant cages to me at first sight! 😛


Beautiful architecture of the palace building.


Kids’ playground in the gardens.


When we got back to Berlin in late afternoon, we went for a walk in the Museum Island and then ended the day by visiting the Memorial to the Murdered Jews in Europe at sunset. This is a memorial for the jews that were murdered during the Holocaust and consists of many concrete slabs of varying heights placed in rows. It sounds like an ordinary memorial, but you have to visit it to perhaps feel a difference!

The memorial is visited by tourists and locals alike, and people like to sit on the slabs, walk through them, have chit chat. It felt like an essential part of the city, and I’m glad that we decided to see it before leaving Berlin. And the best thing I liked about the memorial was the affect that the sunlight had on the slabs and the slab shadows.


A museum we walked by on the Museum Island.


Someone has to lose a nose for another to gain it, NO? Picture taken in the Pergamon museum.



People almost used the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe as a community park.


Lone walker spotted at the memorial.


Lines and alignment.


The vivid conversations where nothing was spoken.


Sunset at the memorial.


This was the image with which I left Berlin. Silent, different from each other but still aligned.


The pathway at the memorial.


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