The Chanel serum combo that has become my top shelf staple!

The Chanel serum combo that has become my top shelf staple!

I just made a big statement there…But the serum combo that I have been using religiously for the past 4 months has changed my skin game. And yes, it is from Chanel! 😛

The serum combo I’ve been using comes in a set of three – Le Jour de Chanel for daily use, La Nuit de Chanel for use before bedtime and Le Weekend de Chanel for use on weekends. Chanel definitely has the skin priorities set right – if we need different things on the weekend, why not our skin? 🙂

Le Jour de Chanel contains jasmine flower extract and salicylic acid, which helps in gently exfoliating the skin. The packaging is understated and very chic for all three serum bottles. It is Chanel we are talking about, after all. Le Jour de Weekend is designed to be used under any regular moisturiser. The serum is translucent in colour and has a lightweight gel-like formula which helps smooth the skin and tighten the pores. This makes it perfect for my combination skin which gets oily during the day.

La Nuit de Chanel contains frankincense extract which helps calm the skin to prepare for overnight repair and hydraluronic acid to restore skin’s hydration.It is designed to be used under any regular moisturiser. My skin looks fresh, plump and radiant in the morning after even a single use. The La Nuit serum helps balance the moisture in my skin and keeps any random dry patches on my cheeks and forehead away.

The formula is thicker compare to the La Jour, but it absorbs quite quickly in my skin. This has definitely made my skin softer and healthier after regular use.

Le Weekend de Chanel is designed to be worn without your moisturiser underneath, unlike the other two serums in the range. Le Weekend serum contains rose water which helps in hydrating and soothing the skin, and glycolic acid which helps to clarify the skin. This is also thick and creamy in texture compared to La Jour and absorbs quickly into the skin.

This is like a weekend treat for the skin and is meant to be used both mornings and evening for two days a week. It makes my skin look hydrated and healthy, without adding oils.

Overall, I think this is a great serum combo for someone with combination to oily skin.  A little goes a long way with these serums, and my bottles even after much love over the last few months are still going strong.  The only con with these is the price point. But you know what you were getting into with Chanel, right?

Price: ÂŁ60 for 50 ml bottle for each

Rating: 9/10


The amazing serums


The packaging is very chic and ‘Chanel’ 🙂


From left to right: Le Jour de Chanel, La Nuit de Chanel and Le Weekend de Chanel.