Benefit foamingly clean facial wash

Benefit foamingly clean facial wash

Benefit Foamingly Clean Facial Wash Review


There’s clean & there’s really clean. This 1-step facial wash effectively cleanses the skin & removes makeup & impurities with a soft, gentle lather. Formulated for all skin types.




My experience

I have sensitive combination skin, which goes through its peaks and troughs of dryness and oiliness with the T-zone always more oily than the rest of my face. I had picked this face wash up when I had run out of my usual one during my travels from Sephora in Italy this year.


  • The packinging is really cute with the colourful container box and the light blue body with the wood-like cap.
  • It smells really good: it has  afresh spring smell to it. It reminds me of summer flowers, especially needed in the now turning chilly days in London.
  • It has a consistency, which allows it not to run down from your face after application.
  • A tiny bit goes a long way, as it foams up really well in your hands to work through your face. Thus one tube should easily last 2 or more months.
  • The face wash is very gentle, and leaves the face feeling squeaky clean.
  • The skin feels soft and supple after the first use itself, but you start noticing visible effects of softer and smooth skin after one week’s regular use.
  • It controlls and balances the more oily part of my face, without removing the natural oils and drying out my cheek areas. This makes it perfect even for combination skin type fellas like me!
  • It helps removes left-over make-up easily/gently from the face as well.


  • It is a bit pricey than most off-the shelf facial cleansers, but this is definitely wort investing.
  • It is not easily available in some countries yet.

To be honest, I evidently cannot find many cons with this product. By the time, I write this review I have already bought a second tube of the face wash to be in my ‘extras’ cupboard…I’m a hoarder that way 😉

I would defintely recommmend this product.

Price: £17.50/ $22

Rating: 9/10

Beautiful box packaging.

Beautiful box packaging.